The Resurgence Of FC Inter Milan

The Resurgence Of FC Inter Milan
November 19, 2020 20:27
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Every football fan remembers how great Inter Milan were under Jose Mourinho in 2009/10. But since Mourinho left for Real Madrid the following season, the club has become a shadow of itself.

Since then, the club has managed to win only one more trophy in 2011. Juventus continued to dominate the Italian League since 2011/12. And with the low level of competition, the Serie A odds never seemed balanced on sportsbooks. But with the arrival of Antonio Conte, all that may change soon.

We can never forget Conte for his great work with Juventus, Chelsea, and Italy. With his recent presence in Inter Milan, many things have changed already.

The club’s newfound life results from the coach’s desire to work with many of the club’s new signings. These signings include players like Lukaku, Nicolo Barella, Godin, and Eriksen.

Not many considered some of them to be excellent signings initially as these players’ previous clubs considered them no longer needed. But with the players’ and coach’s willingness, the club has picked a great form.

With the coach’s efforts and these new players, Inter Milan is gradually returning to a great form. They have been able to influence the competitive levels in which Italian football is experiencing.

With football fanaticism manifested by many Italian football enthusiasts, this can only bring in the perfect balance to the Serie A football odds.

Currently, the club is only a few points behind the top team on the Serie A table. There are still many more games to be played, and the club remains a strong contender in the league. However, the most significant goal for the club may be to qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

The last time Inter Milan performed at its best was the 2009-10 season. In that season, they became the first Italian club to achieve a treble. Inter won the Serie A title, the Coppa Italia, and the UEFA Champions League.

The last ten years after that saw a massive decline in the quality of the club until now. Their resurgence has made the league much more competitive and has even affected the Serie A odds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch if Inter is indeed on its way to greatness again.

By Editorial Staff


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