Inter manager Antonio Conte has shared his belief that Shakhtar Donetsk were lucky against his side following their goalless draw in the final UEFA Champions League group stage match of the 2020/21 edition of the competition.

Inter had to beat the Ukrainian side to stand any chance of progression and had they done so they would have went through seeing as the other result in the group went in their favour with Real Madrid beating Borussia Monchengladbach.

“Shakhtar played defensively as they did in the first leg. It is incredible that we were unable to score even a goal in 180 minutes against them,” he explained in his post-match press conference at San Siro.

“They were also lucky, their goalkeeper was the best player on the pitch. Shakhtar changed the way they play, they are satisfied. They were good and lucky.”

He was then asked whether he has any regrets about not taking advantage of the five substitutions rule more often and in his response, he snapped at reporters by offering them the opportunity to step into his shoes.

“I let Perisic, a wing-back, come on in the 65th minute, he was on the pitch together with Hakimi, another wing-back, Sanchez came on and there were three strikers plus two attacking wing-backs, then Eriksen came on.

“We only needed one goal to win, I can’t understand what you say. It is right that every now and then you take the whistle and be the coaches yourself, maybe you will do better.”

In conclusion the former Juventus and Italian national team boss was questioned on whether their elimination from the UEFA Champions League could compromise their season.

“We knew about the difficult we would encounter from the beginning and decisions have been made in this regard. We have to metabolise this elimination and try to start again, thinking about the league and the match with Cagliari.”