Inter coach Antonio Conte believes the Nerazzurri played well away against a good Roma side that is fighting for the same objectives as his side, he told Italian media immediately after the game.

Speaking to broadcaster DAZN, Conte explained that he was happy with how his team performed against a very good home team.

“I think we performed well today, even in the first half, against a Roma that has the same objectives as we have.

“They are third in the standings and coming here and play like this against Roma means that we are a well organized team. We are a real team.”

The former Chelsea manager revealed that he brought Arturo Vidal off due to an injury before explaining his reasoning behind bringing Achraf Hakimi and Lautaro Martinez off, after which Inter struggled

“Vidal asked to be substituted due to an injury. Lautaro gave all he had for 75 minutes this is why I asked him to drop next to Vidal in the non-possession phase.

“Also Hakimi had run a lot and started to lose possession at critical stages. This is the third game in seven days, there was a need for those substitutions.

“Inter needs to have a deep squad in order to achieve all objectives, I can’t see why I shouldn’t turn to the bench.”

The former Juventus coach then proceeded to explain why Roma suddenly took command and the initiative of the game leading up to the equalizer close to the end.

“I think that at the end there was a bit of anxiety due to the result and the importance of the game. This will affect your mentality in a way that makes you drop and focus on the defense.

“But from the bench I asked the boys to put pressure high up on Roma because to fall back is not a good thing. But it’s a fact that a team that is trailing and will move forward and a team that is in the lead will try to keep the points.

“This is something we have to work on.”

The Inter coach then underlined that today’s performance which received praise from Roma coach Fonseca, shows that the Nerazzurri have improved and are a cohesive unit.

“The team is well trained and show that every game. I was struck by Fonseca’s statement who said that it’s difficult to find space to counter attack when playing Inter.

“Something like that from an opposing team’s coach means that we are organized in a way that is hard to decipher.”

Conte continued by explaining why Inter are unable to start the matches by attacking like they did in the second half, to avoid chasing the matches.

“We concede goals because we press forward which creates spaces that makes us vulnerable for counterattacks. We concede a lot of goals due to counterattacks because we want to press high.

“On one hand you can score goals with those kind of tactics if you win the ball, on the other hand you will suffer if the opposing team can attack and you lose your point of reference.”

Conte continued arguing his point stating the reason Inter lost the initiative in the closing stages of the match was due to fatigue and not due to any tactical choices.

“This is the third game in seven days, playing with the same players, it is impossible not to end up without any energy during the last 15 minutes and this leads to players dropping down deep.

“Both Brozovic and Barella were tired, Vidal had injury problems. Having played three games in seven days makes you pay playing on a high level.”

The Nerazzurri coach was asked to give an opinion on the heavily criticized Arturo Vidal whom he believed had a good match.

“Great performance, I think he started out slow but then he has raised himself another level and finished with a great performance as the rest of the squad.”

In conclusion Conte spoke on the transfer window where he ruled out expecting any reinforcements to be brought in and that he has accepted that.

“This season doesn’t have the verb “to want”, this is obvious. This is something I was told by the club already in August, Hakimi was purchased in April after that nothing has happened.

“The club’s strategy is clear, I don’t need anyone and I work with the players that are available to me. This is not a perfect roster, but this is the roster we will go to battle with.

“I am satisfied, again there isn’t room for ‘I want’ this season, only for “work”, something that is very familiar to me.”