Negotiations between Suning and BC Partners over the sale of the majority stake in Inter could conclude quicker than expected, an Italian media report claims today.

As per Tuttosport’s print edition, as the days pass the prospect of private equity fund BC Partners acquiring more than 51% of Inter’s shares is becoming more and more concrete.

Negotiations are currently still only at a preliminary phase with the directors of the British based fund carrying out their due diligence on Inter’s accounts.

LionRock Capital could, at most, retain their 31% stake in Inter.

With the finance company being based between Hong Kong and the Cayman Islands, it is not as difficult for them as it is for Suning to move capital out of China into Inter.

The recent Chinese government restrictions have curbed Suning’s desire to invest money into Inter and it is for this reason that negotiations with BC Partners could be concluded within the next few months, before the end of the 2020-21 season.

The report states that there is talk of Inter being valued at €1 billion, a valuation which must inevitably take into account the general financial crisis at the moment which has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of BC Partners first task as owners, if they become owners, would be to find a new main shirt sponsor to replace the outgoing Pirelli.

Hengchi appeared set to become their replacement but the Chinese government restrictions could prevent this.

Moreover, BC Partners will have to deal with the new stadium project but they could have more time to solve this issue than that of the main sponsor.