AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has promoted equality via social media hours on from ending up engaged in an ugly war of words with Inter’s Romelu Lukaku.

In last night’s Milan derby in the Coppa Italia quarter-finals, tensions boiled over between the two and some choice words were exchanged which even led to the pair squaring up and going head to head.

The incident in question occurred on the stroke of half-time which referee Paolo Valeri whistled for as soon as possible but tensions continued to flare as the teams exited the field with Lukaku having to be held back by teammates and Inter coaching staff.

Ibrahimovic has taken to Twitter to dismiss accusations of racism made against him by some after some of the comments that he directed toward Lukaku during the match.

The former Inter striker, who has 14 goals in 15 appearances this season, linked a post of his from Instagram from June last year and he tweeted: “In ZLATAN’s world there is no place for RACISM.

“We are all the same race – we are all equal !!

“We are all PLAYERS some better then others.”