Inter supporters can expect new updates on talks between Suning and BC Partners this week, according to an Italian media report today.

As per Corriere della Sera’s print edition, the British-based fund offered Suning €750 million to buy Inter but there is no agreement between the parties as things currently stand.

BC Partners are reportedly the only party to have made an offer to Suning for Inter, even though there has been no shortage of potential investors linked with investing in the club.

The report from the Milan-based publication goes on to add that Suning have recently completed the sale of 23% of for €1.9 billion, about €280 million of which will go to Suning Holdings, the parent company of Inter.

It now remains to be seen whether the sale of these shares will have any sort of impact on Inter and their delicate financial moment, in which the Nerazzurri are suffering from a real lack of liquidity.