Inter assistant coach Cristian Stellini was full of praise for Chilean international striker Alexis Sanchez and Danish international midfielder Christian Eriksen after the 2-1 win away against Torino.

Speaking to the gathered press in the official post match press conference, Stellini underlined the importance of having great players like Sanchez and Eriksen who never give up and fight for the team, according to Italian media outlet FcInterNews.

“Their impact on the second half was decisive. These kind of games are unlocked thanks to players like them, quality players. They did great in never giving up and staying in the match.

“This is a discussion valid for both of them but also for every player that isn’t starting the game but is always ready when they get the nod and contribute to the result.

“It happened to Lautaro when Sanchez played at his position as Ashley Young did today when he took over from Perisic.

“We have players that are always ready, that is something that is hard to maintain. The compliments go out to them.”

Stellini, who was called upon to coach Inter from the sidelines for the third time this season due to Antonio Conte being suspended following a yellow card last weekend against Atalanta, underlined that there is still a long way to go before the Nerazzurri can declare themselves champions of Italy.

“There is still a long way to go, with a number of obstacles. Of course we need to take advantage of the enthusiasm given by all the succesful results, trying to maintain the same level of play.

“There will be many more opponents like Torino, we need to have the same concentration until the very end, trying to create decisive chances like we did today.”

In conclusion Stellini praised Inter’s opponents Torino who proved to be a very difficult team to break down, arguing that in his opinion the Granata are too good to find themselves in the position they are in.

“We were expecting a tough game and games like this are won by taking advantage of what your opponent offers. Torino didn’t give us much but we can’t expect to be perfect.

“We did well in staying in the game and finding good plays that gave us the victory.”

“Torino doesn’t deserve to be where they are in the standings at the moment, but teams like this is hard to play since they play with the risk of being demoted.

“This is why a game like this has this kind of development. Torino has a lot of quality and that’s why we expected this to be a tough game.”