Inter are working on paying outstanding salaries and transfer instalments due to other clubs, according to an Italian media report today.

Corriere della Sera’s print edition highlighted that Inter had gone through a period of financial difficulty lately, which meant they had to postpone several payments between salaries and transfer instalments.

However, the January salary payments for players and the first instalment Inter are due to Real Madrid for Achraf Hakimi are both on the way, the Milan-based publication states.

A few months back there had been a lot of talk about Inter failing to pay Real Madrid for Hakimi, but it later transpired that the two clubs had had talks and agreed to postpone the payment of the first instalment of the €40 million deal.

In short, Inter are working on resolving the backlog of payments owed to their players and other clubs and it now remains to be seen when the backlog will be entirely cleared.

The report said things were ‘on their way to being resolved’.