Inter CEO Beppe Marotta was accused of being a ‘traitor’ by Torino president Urbano Cairo yesterday, a report in the Italian media revealed today.

Lega Serie A’s clubs met for crisis talks on Monday after Inter, AC Milan and Juventus announced their involvement in a new European Super League with nine other teams.

Gazzetta dello Sport’s print edition said the tone was understandably heated, with Cairo accusing Marotta, Andrea Agnelli and AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni of having betrayed the league.

Genoa’s Enrico Preziosi and Sampdoria’s Massimo Ferrero were also said to be extremely angry about the Super League plans, although every other Serie A club is against the project as well.

Another meeting is expected to take place today as the clubs wait to see how the rapidly developing situation evolves.

Lega Serie A president Paolo Dal Pino is eager to find a truce between Inter, AC Milan and Juventus and the other 17 clubs, fearing that it would be ‘intolerable’ for the league if the three clubs broke away completely.