Inter Winning Serie A Wouldn’t Change Nerazzurri’s Financial Situation, Economics Expert Warns

April 29, 2021 14:00
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Inter’s likely Serie A title triumph will not solve the club’s ongoing financial troubles, an Italian economics expert warned today.

Suning are thought to be on the verge of securing a €250 million loan deal with Bain Capital, which should cover the club’s costs until the end of the season.

Antonio Conte’s side have battled through several months of intense off-field speculation to reach the scudetto, but it seems Inter’s problems are set to continue despite their imminent success on the pitch.

Claudio Sottoriva, professor of business economics at Milan’s Unversita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, told Gazzetta dello Sport today: “It’s important to underline that, at an economic level, Inter’s victory of the scudetto wouldn’t have direct repercussions on the club’s accounts.

“It would also be wrong to assume that Inter’s loan deal will go towards financing signings in the transfer window.

“This is more about giving a bit of oxygen to the club’s accounts, settling a few debts and sorting out payments which were delayed previously.”

Inter’s owners Suning are thought to be intent on keeping control of the club, but they are still seeking a new partner who can take over LionRock Capital’s minority stake in the Nerazzurri.

Asked about the importance of that 31.05% stake, Sottoriva explained: “It’s a ‘minority’ stake but the quotation marks are necessary, because it’s important to have a strategic partner in that role.

“Suning’s next challenge is to find a partner who shares their ideas for the club and would be able to deal with potential unforeseen circumstances.”

Sottoriva also clarified what was at stake for Inter and Suning with their €250 million loan deal, warning that the worst-case scenario could lead to a potential change of ownership.

“If Suning weren’t able to repay the money before the agreed deadline, Bain Capital would be forced to get their investment back by taking control of the shares which are pledged as part of the deal.

“It’s something we’ve already seen at AC Milan with Elliot (who became the Rossoneri’s owners after Yonghong Li defaulted on a loan).”

By Will Beckman