Beppe Marotta has categorically denied rumours he could leave Inter and return to Juventus.

Inter were officially confirmed as Serie A champions on Sunday and Marotta played a key role in securing the scudetto, helping to protect the Nerazzurri’s players from all the off-field speculation around owners Suning.

Marotta was linked last week with an incredible return to Juventus, whom he left in 2018 after winning seven straight league titles, but it seems there is very little substance to those reports.

Speaking to Tuttosport for today’s print edition, Inter’s chief executive assured: “I can exclude a return to Juventus.

“It’s an eventuality I’ve never taken into consideration, nor have I even received any interest from Turin.

“There’s only Inter (for me).”

Marotta has spent three years working towards delivering the Serie A title for Inter and he remains overjoyed with the club’s achievement 48 hours later.

“Winning the scudetto is a dream come true,” he explained.

“It’s even better for me because I caught COVID-19 midway through the season, now I’ve recovered and I can enjoy the title even more.

“It’s very similar to the first title Antonio Conte and I won at Juventus: it was unexpected and for that reason even more exciting.

“I imagine it’ll be gratifying to return to Turin on 15 May as champions of Italy and decide Juventus’ fate (as they chase qualification for the UEFA Champions League), that’s the beauty of sport.”

Antonio Conte was brought to Inter in 2019 on the advice of Marotta, who had worked with him for three years at Juventus.

Marotta heaped yet more praise on the Nerazzurri’s head coach, adding: “Antonio deserves the main credit for this extraordinary achievement, I have to underline that very strongly once again.

“He was the right coach at the right moment for Inter, this title has arrived because of his hard work and his ability to unite the group.

“Conte ensured the team gradually started believing in its own potential game by game, and in the most delicate months at the start of 2021 he managed to isolate Inter’s sporting area and make it completely impermeable from outside speculation.

“He was formidable in that and I can guarantee it wouldn’t have been easy for anyone; now we want to a long cycle with him which is full of success.

“Antonio is an absolute guarantee, he’s instilled a winning mentality into the team and this is the fifth title he’s won in 10 years.

“Conte is the best.”

Marotta also returned to the issue of his past at Juventus and revealed he was not on good terms with everyone in Turin.

“My experience at Juventus gave me a lot, apart from the bittersweet way in which I left,” he recalled.

“I stayed on good terms with everyone except Fabio Paratici, but that’s a more personal than professional matter.

“I’m a manager who’s used to accepting the decisions of the club I work for and that’s what I did in September 2018, although to be honest I didn’t expect I’d be moved on.”