Inter’s employees are growing tired of Suning’s indecision as they seek fresh investment for the club, according to a report in the Italian media today.

As per Tuttosport’s print edition, the Nerazzurri’s owners are in talks with Bain Capital and Oaktree in a bid to secure the money they need to keep Inter running smoothly.

Oaktree are offering around €300 million but they want to replace Suning as Inter’s majority shareholders before long, while Bain Capital have bid €270 million and are happy to supply just a loan.

Suning are dragging out talks with both parties in a bid to secure the best conditions possible, but the report warned this was a ‘draining’ tactic which was starting to irritate people working at Inter (and which had already annoyed other prospective investors).

Everyone at Inter is eager to discover what the future holds in the immediate term, but that remains unclear for now as Suning continue to chase a financing deal from one of the two US-based firms.

Their plan is to secure a big loan which enables them to continue at Inter until their financial situation improves, but time is running out before the Italian Football Federation’s deadline (May 30) for paying all player salaries and Suning must make a decision soon.