Inter’s VIP supporters are serious about introducing fan investment at the club, an advisor to the group confirmed today.

InterSpac is a group of fans who want to become shareholders with the Nerazzurri, in a bid to help Suning overcome their current financial difficulties.

Fan ownership is common in other countries, like in Germany where Bayern Munich are famous for their ’50+1′ arrangement, but it has never happened before in Italy.

“This is more than just a romantic dream,” InterSpac advisor Roberto Zaccaria told La Repubblica for Wednesday’s print edition.

“We have a collaborative vision, but to give the project more substance we need a dialogue with those who are in control: Inter’s current owners (Suning).

“We’d need four or five months after reaching an agreement to secure the capital we needed (to enter the club).

“Our model is Bayern Munich, a big club which is owned by fans, with the participation of strong sponsors.

“We’ve already been in contact with them.”

Earlier today, a report in the Italian media claimed Inter were against the idea of recruiting fans as shareholders, because it would bring too much media pressure and attention.

Milan’s city mayor Giuseppe Sala has also voiced concerns over the project, arguing Suning need ‘faster solutions’ than a fan ownership project to solve their current problems.

Suning are experiencing their toughest period in charge of Inter since buying the club in 2016, with plans to cut costs by around 15-20% before next season.