Inter’s VIP supporters are unlikely to succeed in their bid to become shareholders, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Corriere dello Sport’s print edition said InterSpac’s plan to set up fan investment at the club was romantic but probably not feasible at the moment.

Roberto Zaccaria, Carlo Cottarelli and Enrico Mentana are among the Inter supporters hoping to become shareholders, but they will find it very difficult to secure the capital required to buy into the club.

Werder Bremen were used as an example of how hard it can be to secure investment, after the Bundesliga club failed to meet their target this week of collecting €30 million from a bond (only €17 million was secured).

In any case, Inter’s VIP supporters would need a long-term vision in order to create a sustainable project and they do not appear to have one for now.

Inter are generating losses thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, like most big clubs around Europe, and their current turnover isn’t enough to cover the club’s operating costs.

Even in Germany, where fans are less demanding, the fan ownership structure wasn’t enough to stop Borussia Dortmund almost going bust back in 2005, while Barcelona and Real Madrid are racking up huge debts in Spain.