Inter’s president Steven Zhang has continued to show optimism heading into the new season despite the difficult financial situation the club finds itself in, according to a report in the Italian media today.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the owner made it clear that despite the need to raise around €80 million from player sales and reduce the player wage budget by 15%, the club is still in a great position to move forward.

“What I like to highlight most is how the company structure has been strengthened over the years. Inter is today one of the strongest and most organized companies in Europe.”

Steven Zhang also discussed the importance of moving to a new purpose-built stadium, something that many Italian clubs wish to do in order to maximise profits and their global image.

“A new facility is essential not only to increase revenues and the economic solidity it can bring to the club, also through sponsorships and commercial partnerships but for the possibility that it would offer Inter fans to experience the sporting event at 360°.”

Despite sounding positive, Steven Zhang made it clear that the overall aim for this transfer window and indeed the entire season is to raise money. He is aware that the team has to remain competitive and keep qualifying for the UEFA Champions League in the future.

“There is a need for a large capital gain at the end of this transfer market, but we want to keep the team very competitive to allow them to do well in the Champions League and of course to win them back next year, because we want to stay in the great European clubs.”