New figures have revealed the extent of Inter’s off the pitch growth since the takeover of Suning in 2016, according to a report in the Italian media today.

In a study published by La Gazzetta dello Sport, it was revealed that Inter have the highest social media growth of any team in Europe over the past five years.

The Nerazzurri’s social media presence has grown by a staggering 232% since 2016. Othe figures in the report show that Suning have invested €550 million into the club as a whole.

That figure does not just mean into the transfer market, it means into the general running of the football club as a whole. When Suning took over there was 160 people working at the club. Now there are 600.

The growth of the value of the business as a whole also represents an incredible achievement. The value of Inter has risen by 120%, which is the second-highest growth in Europe over the last five years.