Lele Oriali is likely to stay at Inter despite Antonio Conte’s departure, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Gazzetta dello Sport’s print edition said it was almost certain that Simone Inzaghi would want to keep the ex-midfielder as Inter’s team manager.

Inzaghi needs to decide if Oriali would be useful to him after becoming the Nerazzurri’s head coach, but he has always had this kind of figure alongside him ever since he began his coaching career in Lazio’s academy.

Oriali will wait for Inter CEO Beppe Marotta to get in touch before deciding on his future, but in the meantime he is working for Italy ahead of the European Championships.

Conte brought Oriali to Inter after their previous experience with the Azzurri, but the report said there was ‘a myth to debunk’ regarding Oriali’s connection to Conte.

Oriali is an Interista before he is a Conte disciple and his future does not depend on Conte’s exit two weeks ago.