Inter midfielder Christian Eriksen is looking forward to leading the Danish national team into the upcoming Euros, and has opened up about how winning the Scudetto and his struggle to thrive at Inter have improved his character.

In the interview with Danish outlet Tipsbladet Eriksen compares the way he was looked at prior to joining Inter with the perception of him since he joined the Nerazzurri.

“Ten years ago,” he states, “I said that I do not need anyone’s eyes on me, but I have grown over the course of my career and so have people’s expectations of me.”

The 29-year-old considers this change to be a positive one though, stating that “no I see the pressure as something positive.”

The former Ajax and Tottenham player reflected on his transition to life at Inter: “There is probably a big difference in how both I and the world see things compared to six months ago. At the time I was on the bench and played much less than I did at the beginning of my career. I tried to learn from this experience without changing myself.”

Eriksen, however, spoke of how when his chance finally came and coincided with playing a key role in guiding the Nerazzurri to their first league title in years it made him “hungry” to win more, and he beleives that this attitude will be reflected in his performances at the Euros with Denmark: “The opponents must be worried about meeting us.”