Inter president Steven Zhang has made clear his intention to approach running the club in a humble and low-profile manner.

In an editorial for Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, journalist Stefano Biragelli claims that it would be a “mistake for [Zhang] to start contenting himself with a place in the top four.”

Biragelli commends Zhang for keeping a low profile and not setting unrealistic targets, but also notes that “keeping limited ambitions can be a fatal mistake.”

Biragelli points out that with Lazio, Roma, and Napoli replacing their managers in the summer, competition for even a spot in the top four could be fierce in the upcoming season, and that Zhang will have to navigate the club into the future correctly rather than assume that the success of last season will easily continue.

Accordingly, Biragelli recommends that the club not focus too much on financial balances, but also make sure that attention is given the keeping Antonio Conte’s  exemplary work going under new coach Inzaghi.