Inter would become a more solid club if they began welcoming fan investment, InterSpac president Carlo Cottarelli has argued.

The Nerazzurri are in a difficult financial position due to the COVID-19 pandemic and unsuccessful business decisions made by owners Suning.

InterSpac is a supporters group led by Cottarelli which wants to buy shares at Inter and help guarantee the club a more sustainable future.

“I’m the president of InterSpac, of which there are 16 members,” Cottarelli, an economist and politician who previously acted as Italy’s interim Prime Minister, told Libero for Monday’s print edition.

“We’re planning to welcome another 30 members who can give us a hand.

“The initiative is open to all Inter fans, it’s not a VIP supporters project.

“The model we’re following is the German model, which functions well over there.

“We want to bring fresh capital into Inter to reinforce the club.

“This would be ‘stable’ capital, unlike the money which comes from financing deals with huge interest rates (like Suning’s recent deal with Oaktree Capital).

“That’s money that arrives, yes, but before long it runs out…”

InterSpac has been met with skepticism in some corners, with many unable to understand why supporters would want to make an investment for which there would be no return.

However, Cottarelli dismissed this notion and explained: “They haven’t understood the concept.

“You aren’t throwing money away because with that money, you become one of the club’s owners.

“We think we can provide a very substantial helping hand.

“I contacted Suning shortly after they owned Inter (to sound them out), but they weren’t interested.

“Maybe they’ll listen to us now…”

Cottarelli was also asked for an opinion on Inter’s current financial plight under Suning, which has left the club needing to cut costs and sell one or two players ahead of next season.

“I know nothing more than what everyone can read in the papers, but my impression is that the situation isn’t so good,” he admitted.

“I’m very grateful for what Suning have done, they led us back to the Scudetto after 11 years.

“But now we want to go forwards.”