Prominent economist and Inter supporter Carlo Cottarelli has given his thoughts on the proposed InterSpac project in a radio appearance, promoting the benefits of popular ownership of shares in the Nerazzurri.

In an interview with Radio Nerazzurra, the former International Monetary Fund director explained his vision for the financial restructuring of Inter.

“We are grateful to Zhang, but [Inter’s] financial situation does not seem to be the best,” the Italian explained, elaborating that “fresh capital from the fans cannot fail to strengthen the club.

For Cottarelli, building fan support and understanding of the project is key, and he spoke on the question of the credibility of his ideas and compared his proposed model to that employed by Bundesliga clubs such as Bayern Munich.

“The popular shareholder structure gives stability regardless of the counterpart [shareholders],” he stated, pointing out that there is always a consistent popular shareholder base at Bayern Munich that remains solid irrespective of the activities of corporate shareholders such as Adidas, Allianz, and Audi.

Cottarelli explained that Inter owners Suning are aware of his proposal but he has not yet spoken to them about working on the project together.

The economist further explained that “When the proposal is made concrete and a collection is made, all Inter fans can participate.”