Recently departed Inter head coach Antonio Conte has opened up about his feelings regarding his exit from the Nerazzurri in a revealing new interview.

The 51-year-old Italian spoke to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in today’s print edition, and he opened up about the reasons for his departure.

The Italian manager proclaimed that he still feels affectionate for the club with which he won the Scudetto last season, but also explained how the club’s project going forward became untenable for him, causing him to leave.

Conte reflected on the bittersweet feelings he now has when interacting with the Nerazzurri fans, whose support he is grateful and whose gratitude he understands.

The Italian is still proud of his accomplishments despite the fact that he couldn’t stay on with Inter.

“It’s a peculiar feeling, I can’t deny it,” he said.

“Until a few days ago we were celebrating the Scudetto.

“But the veil of melancholy and sadness was immediately replaced by the enormous satisfaction of meeting so many fans on the street who show me affection, respect, and gratitude. to hear them express their feelings and say ‘Thank you’ is as important for me as the Scudetto.

“People understand the work that has been done, how much effort and dedication I have put in over the years, and the enormous effort that went into bringing the club, the squad, and the fans where they deserve to be.

“I really gave everything, and people recognize this.”

Conte also expressed his disappointment that Italian businessman and Inter icon Massimo Moratti felt that Conte had not adequately bid farewell to the club, or shown real regret or gratitude.

“I do not deny that I felt somewhat surprised and upset when I heard Moratti’s statement, an intelligent and passionate man, who with his family represents Inter’s history and still knows all the dynamics and significance of it.”

“The president apologized for some of those remarks over the phone, which do not represent his real feelings.”

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have always felt fully attached to the colours that I have represented, to which I give my heart and fully dedicate myself, and that wherever I have been, I have built teams that have won, establishing something important for the future.”

He continued: “There are those who leave teams with everything squeezed out of them, champions who have given everything and have no more left to give. In my career I have always left teams with many players improved, and valued playing young players.”

“Which cannot just be bought on the market, but is the product of painstaking work, attention to the smallest detail, and never giving up, not each player having an individual role but all playing for the common good, because it is the sum of all the small details that will ultimately make the difference.”

“I say, somewhat jokingly but also seriously, that victory comes from the well-cut lawns of the training grounds.”

The former Inter head coach talked about his dissatisfaction regarding transfers at the club, and how it contributed to his decision to leave.

“The market is important to making the team, to achieving results, and to improvement over the years.”

“But beyond this let me say that if my obsession were with money, that in the past I would have stayed where I was. I would have accepted compromises and gotten enriching contract renewals.”

“But no, I am looking for serious projects, and I’m willing to stay at home if the project doesn’t convince me.”

The coach stated that he enjoys a challenge or the sense of being an underdog, but that he still expects to be supported in serious pursuit of victory.

“If there is something in a project that does not convince me, I prefer not to continue beyond any proposed or remaining engagement.”

For Conte, the lack of will to build on the success of the previous did not convince him of the future of the project.

Regarding Inter’s staff and owner Steven Zhang, Conte explained that he still feels respectful despite his difference of opinion. The former coach wishes the club the best going forward.

“I can only say that my idea for the project never changed. But it would make no sense to talk about these things now.”

“I don’t want to get involved in any controversy or cause problems. I respect Steven Zhang, whom I thank for choosing me as coach, and I love everyone who I worked with.”

“For the team and the fans, I sincerely wish good luck in the capable hands of Simone Inzaghi, who is a good, capable, and ambitious coach, and I wish the Nerazzurri all the success in the world.”