Former Inter striker Aldo Serena has given his thoughts on the possibility of an Antonio Conte return to Inter, believing that it is not impossible.

For Serena, Conte could be persuaded into returning to the club by a project with talented young players and financial support.

His remarks came in response to a tweet by journalists Tommaso Labate who claimed that “I don’t know when, but sooner or later we’ll have a Conte return.”

Serena’s thoughts echo the sentiments of many who feel that the recently-departed Inter boss is a perfectionist who is only willing to work with clubs who can adequately supports his ambitions to compete for trophies.

The main reason that the 51-year-old manager departed from Inter after winning the Scudetto was his disappointment at the fact that the club’s financial situation meant that it is unable to make ambitious signings in the transfer market and would rather have to offload at least on player who Conte relied on in his successful spell at the club.

Serena remarked that Conte will return to Inter once “The next round of young players and a wealthy owner” can lure him.