Crotone director Beppe Ursino has been discussing Alex Cordaz’s move to Inter this summer, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media this morning.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Sportiva, the director showed how proud he is of the Crotone goalkeeper for achieving the move to Inter.

Alex Cordaz is now 38-years-old, meaning he probably wasn’t expecting a move to a club like Inter to happen this season.

One of the main appeals for Inter of signing Alex Cordaz is that due to his time spent at the Inter academy, he will not use up a registration space when Simone Inzaghi submits his squad for the UEFA Champions League next season.

Beppe Ursino made it clear that he had absolutely no intention of blocking Inter’s move for Alex Cordaz because he knows how much it means to the player to return to Inter after he was sold to Treviso in 2006.

“When the Nerazzurri club’s proposal arrived, we did not hesitate to free him. For him, this is the crowning achievement of a career.”