Incoming Roma boss Jose Mourinho gave his thoughts on Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, praising the striker for becoming a top player with the Nerazzurri.

In an radio interview with British radio show talkSPORT, the Portuguese coach examined the impact that former Inter manager Antonio Conte’s tactical system had on taking the Belgian striker’s game to the next level.

Mourinho, who managed Lukaku for one and a half seasons when the pair were at Manchester United, contrasted the style of football employed by Conte at Inter to that which he tried to utilize Lukaku in at United.

For the newly-appointed Roma manager, playing under Conte elevated the Belgian’s game to a complete style.

Mourinho believes that Lukaku will be a key player for Belgium at the Euros, and attributes the striker’s tactical improvement to his time with the Nerrazzuri.

The Portuguese managed Inter for two seasons between 2008 and 2010, winning the Scudetto on both occasions, including as part of the famous treble season in 2010.

“Amazing [season], I would say he fulfilled his qualities now,” Mourinho told talkSPORT when asked about Lukaku.

“I believed he got in Inter something that he needs. He needs to feel he’s the man and he’s the number one and loved.”

“He was loved by the coach and supporters and make a big impact. The press also supporting him. He got that love.”

“Romelu is the type of guy even scoring goals in England was not the right profile of Manchester United. That hurts. If he doesn’t score goals what he does for the team is not enough. It hurts him.”

“Then another one, he doesn’t have enough quality to hold the ball. He’s not [Eric] Cantona, he’s not [Dimitar] Berbatov. Of course he’s not Cantona or Berbatov. He is Lukaku.

“In Italy, they use him that way. You know the way Conte likes to play, five in the back, three midfielders always in position, Lukaku and Lautaro [Martinez] in attack.”

“Lautaro allowed to drop and Lukaku to attack spaces. It just killed opponents.

“He was not the top scorer [in Serie A this season] because Cristiano [Ronaldo] was the first, but Lukaku scored a lot of goals. He’s got a lot of passion and connected with the supporters.”