Inter midfielder Nicolo Barella received a good rating from the English audience after Italy’s 3-0 win over Turkey on Friday night.

The English outlet, BBC Sport, ran an interactive poll on their website after the Euro 2020 opening match last night where members of the public can give the players from both sides a rating out of 10 for their performance.

Nicolo Barella was the only Inter player on the pitch for Gli Azzurri during the impressive 3-0 win, and the public decided to give him a score of 7.18 for his efforts.

The best player on the pitch according to BBC Sport readers was Roma’s Leonardo Spinazzola, who achieved a score of 7.98. Just behind him in the rankings were Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne, and Lazio’s Ciro Immobile.

Nicolo Barella played a slightly deeper role than some expected him to against Turkey, meaning he didn’t see as much of the attacking action as Sassuolo’s Manuel Locatelli.