Juventus Women forward Cristiana Girelli has been praising Inter midfielder Nicolo Barella after Italy’s 3-0 win over Turkey, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media last night.

Whilst analysing the game in the Sky Sports TV studio on Friday night, Cristiana Girelli expressed how important she thinks Nicolo Barella is for Italy going forward.

The midfielder played a more calm and defensive role than many expected him to in the Euro 2020 opener in Rome, but Cristiana Girelli believes that the role he played was understated and was key to Italy’s victory.

“He runs a lot but he also has a good vision of the game. It was fundamental. It was he who pressed the central defender of the Turks he was trying to set up.”

Cristiana Girelli has won three straight Serie A Femminile titles with Juventus, racking up 36 club goals from 41 appearances. She has also been playing for the national team since 2013, meaning she has played 65 times and scored 32 international goals.

The role Barella played against Turkey was almost reminiscent of Jorginho, as he played a lot more short passes to set off attacks rather than the pacey runs he often makes for Inter.