Christian Eriksen’s former Tottenham Hotspur doctor has explained that his old records show there was no suspicion that the player would ever have heart problems in the future, according to a report in the English media today.

Professor Sanjay Sharma told the Mail on Sunday that none of the tests he did on Christian Eriksen as far back as 2019 showed that he was liable to a cardiac arrest in the future.

Football clubs run regular medical checks on their players which are designed to highlight any physical issues whatsoever. These tests have been the way that some players have learnt about heart conditions they have at the time that they weren’t previously aware of.

“From the day we signed him it was my job to screen him, and we tested him every year. So certainly his tests up to 2019 were completely normal with no obvious underlying cardiac fault. Every single year he was tested. I can vouch for that because I did the tests.”

Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during his countries opening Euro 2020 game against Finland in Copenhagen. He was given immediate medical attention on the pitch, including CPR. He was then taken to the hospital for further examinations where UEFA and the Danish Football Association confirmed that was stable and talking.

The game was resumed and Finland went on to win the match 1-0 thanks to a second-half goal.