Inter and Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen is still far away from an end to the medical situation which has followed his unexpected collapse during Denmark’s EURO 2020 opener against Finland, but his mood is improving, as is his appetite.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport report that yesterday for dinner the Dane requested a pizza to be cooked for him by the Danish national team chef, which was delivered to his hospital room.

Despite his stable condition and improved morale, insight into the 29-year-old’s condition will have to wait until after more tests are done after initial examinations returned a result of cardiac arrhythmia as an explanation for his worrying collapse.

The Dane is hoping to be discharged soon, possibly today, and will soon meet with Inter’s medical staff as they arrive in Copenhagen.

It must be stressed that while there are many positive signs regarding the player’s morale and strength, only further tests can determine the underlying causes of his health emergency and whether or not he can safely return to a football pitch.