Inter officials are hoping to meet with Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen whenever it is possible to do so, to assess his situation and wish him well after his health emergency during Denmark’s EURO 2020 opener against Finland on Saturday, and it is reported that Romelu Lukaku hopes to as well.

Italian broadcaster SportMediaset reported today that the Belgian wishes to meet visit his teammate and wish him well when he is in Copenhagen with the national team.

Like many, Lukaku was shaken by what happened to his teammate on Saturday, and the 28-year-old dedicated the first goal of his brace against Russia later that evening to the Dane.

Lukaku hopes to reach out and give his support to the Danish player, who collapsed unexpectedly after experiencing what was later determined to be a cardiac arrhythmia during the match against Finland.

The two Inter players were set to go head-to-head on Thursday as Denmark and Belgium meet in the second round of Group B, but Eriksen will miss the rest of the tournament due to his health scare.