Romelu Lukaku has praised the quality of Denmark’s performance in the absence of their captain Christian Eriksen, despite the Belgians winning 2-1 after this evening’s Group B clash.

Speaking in the official post-match interview, reported by FCInter1908, the 28-year-old Belgian talks about the difficulty of playing against Denmark given the team’s hard work and unity.

Lukaku will have expected to meet his club teammate Eriksen in this evening’s game until the 29-year-old Danish captain’s unexpected collapse during Denmark’s opener against Finland on Saturday.

However, Denmark had to find away to continue without their captain, who is in stable condition but whose future in football is uncertain.

However, as the 28-year-old Belgian striker’s remarks highlight, Denmark showed that they can find good form with or without Eriksen, as they took the lead in the second minute, giving Belgium a great challenge in the first half  before the eventual victory was achieved for Lukaku and his compatriots.

Lukaku said of the game:

“Difficult game, we knew it would be. Denmark started the first half very well, they deserved the result at the end of the first half.”

“They put in maximum effort, especially after what they have experience in the past few days. All credit goes to them.”

He continued, assessing his own side’s performance:

“”Credit to us as well for having recovered, even though it wasn’t our best game. At half-time there was a big change.”

“It was clear that De Bruyne’s entrance was important. Tactically he made a big difference. He was better at occupying spaces and finding connections with the attack.”

On the Danish fans inside the Parken he said:

“Stadium with lots of fans? Surely that made a difference, especially at the beginning. We were in their house so at the beginning it was an advantage for them, but it was certainly nice.”