Inter striker Romelu Lukaku will not be visiting Nerazzurri teammate Christian Eriksen while he is in Copenhagen for Belgium’s Group B clash with Denmark at EURO 2020.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport report that the Belgian explained at a pre-match press conference that he will wait for a more opportune moment to visit his club teammate.

The 28-year-old had been hoping to be able to meet with his stricken friend while in Copenhagen today, but has decided against it due to the player not having yet been discharged from the hospital, where COVID restrictions are still in place.

The Belgian stressed that he was still supporting Eriksen, but would wait for a better moment to visit him in person and would let him have rest and privacy:

“I talked with him, I told him that I am always there for him. But it is good that he is with his family now.”

The Nerazzurri teammates had looked set to face off against one another in today’s Group B encounter, but the medical emergency suffered by the Danish captain has changed all plans.

Eriksen will remain at Copenhagen’s Rigshospitalet while a few further tests are done to evaluate his condition.