The Mayor of Milan has held a meeting with Steven Zhang to discuss his plans for the club and the possibility of a new stadium for the Nerazzurri, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Beppe Sala’s aim for the discussion was to ensure that Steven Zhang and Suning are not going to suddenly decide to sell the club at any point in the near future. Beppe Sala would like to avoid the sort of situation where a stadium is half-built and then suddenly the owners are gone.

“I asked a simple question: the stadium is a project that will take years, are you going to stay at Inter for years and control it?”

Steven Zhang reiterated as he has many times that Suning intend to turn Inter back into a Champions League winning side who have a clear and strong presence all over the world.

“For how football is today and for the effect of the pandemic it is difficult to make money, for us it was an investment in communication and promotion and to date we have spent €800 million, and I guarantee that my family will remain at the helm of Inter.”