Former Inter defender Fabio Galante has praised the Nerazzurri for the signing of AC Milan midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu.

Speaking to Italian news outlet, Galante explained that he believes that Calhanoglu will be a good signing for Inter.

The 47-year-old not only believes that the Turk is a player of good quality who will improve the Nerazzurri on the pitch, but also considers his signing to be a well-conducted piece of business at the club.

Galante puts the signing of the 27-year-old soon-to-be former Milan player in context as a smart move by Inter which will allow the club to keep their strength in midfield despite the loss of Christian Eriksen to health problems for most or all of next season.

He believes that the entire approach of Inzaghi’s side will benefit from Calhanoglu’s arrival tactically speaking.

Galante characterized the signing in the following way:

“Nice signing, he does great things. He does well in both phases and will help Lukaku to score goals. He replaces Eriksen who unfortunately will not be able to play for a while.”

On Inter’s move for the player, he said that “Inter are good at acting in silence.”

However, Galante expressed his disappointment at the likely departure of Achraf Hakimi, believing that it closes off a good chance for the team to consolidate:

“The team is already this strong, it would be nice not to have to sell anyone. Hakimi? He’s not easy to replace. Having a team like this and sending someone away is a disappointment because Inter could open up a cycle.”