Former Inter defender Andreas Brehme has given his thoughts on the current state of the Nerazzurri, suggesting that wing-back Achraf Hakimi’s departure would be a major blow for the club.

Speaking to the online edition of Gazzetta dello Sport, the German stated that he hopes Hakimi does not depart, and explained his admiration for the Moroccan.

For Brehme, the sale of the Moroccan would represent a faltering of the Nerazzurri’s ambitions, as he is a key player for bringing the club to the level of one of the best in the world.

Allowing the player to leave, he believes, would weaken the Nerazzurri’s position as one of the major clubs in European football at a time when they should be consolidating their strengths after last season.

“As an Inter fan,” he begins, “I hope [Hakimi] can stay, if he went away it would be a great sin.

“But what kind of player is he? In his role, and I have no doubt about this, he is one of the strongest in the world, perhaps the best. And considering his age he will be so for a long time.

“Inter are a top club, always hoping to win Serie A and the Champions League. Bayern Munich, for example, could never give up a player this important.”

On the departure of former Nerazzurri manager Antonio Conte and his replacement with ex-Lazio boss Simone Inzaghi, Brehme had this to say:

“For some time it was understood that something would happen. Obviously I’m sorry to see it and I thank Conte for what he achieved, but if someone decides to leave there is nothing you can do.

“The decision to replace him with Inzaghi is excellent, Inter have an excellent coach,” he continued, “he has shown it at Lazio for many seasons, and I am confident that he can replicate that in Milan, maybe even do better.”

Lastly, Brehme gave his thoughts on Nerazzurri and Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku.

For Brehme, the Belgian is in an elite bracket among European strikers at the moment, and among the ebst in his position on the continent:

“A very strong striker. He is fast, has a great touch, and devastating strength.”

Compared to Polish Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski:

“Romelu is much younger. Much depends on the context and the team. Robert, at club level, plays with the champions, and with Poland it is much more difficult.

“In this sense, Lukaku is given more support with Belgium. With both, we’re talking about simply amazing players.”