Inter owners Suning could soon be taken over by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, which could stabilize the company.

International news service Reuters are reporting that Suning’s debt problems could lead to a controlling share in the company being acquired by Alibaba owner Jack Ma.

Alibaba already own 20% of the shares in, a subsidiary of Suning Holding Group, with the price of those shares having fallen dramatically since their purchase in 2015 due to Suning’s debt problems.

It is reported that Alibaba would also be interested in acquiring more shares in Suning as part of a broader plan to enter the physical commerce sector.

Should Alibaba take over Suning, it is unclear how the long- and short-term future of the Nerazzurri would be run, although there is no indication at the moment that the club would be run any differently.

However, the move highlights the current insecurity of the control of the Zhang family over Suning, and could have an effect on Inter which is yet to be seen.