Inter Youth Sector Director Roberto Samaden has given his thoughts on the Inter Primavera’s successful 2020-21 season.

Speaking to the Inter’s official TV channel, as reported by FCInter1908, the Italian was full of praise for the character and work put in by the Primavera side that went into the triumph.

Samaden also thanked the support of the club as a whole for making the success posible, singling out the Nerazzurri’s official doctor Piero Volpi for his role in keeping the Primavera on track.

The Italian’s remarks reflect the fact that Inter’s youth sector is a key area for the club, and show that the Inter first team’s attitude and desire for success is reflected also in the Primavera side.

Samaden makes the connection between the Primavera and the first team, pointing out that one of the primary objectives  of the Primavera is to supply quality players to the first team, with the last season having shown the development of players with both the right qualities and attitude for senior football.

Samaden’s words:

“It was a difficult, tiring season, first of all for the boys and girls because we never stopped after last year’s lockdown.”

“The leagues were suspended and then resumed, and in general it was not an easy period. Through this we have had the great fortune of having a company that has supported us and allowed us to carry on the business keeping everyone’s health first.”

“I want to thank in particular the entire medical staff and the manager Dr. Piero Volpi: they were extraordinary in allowing us to carry on with things and they helped with everyone. The work they did was truly extraordinary.”

He continued:

“Taking stock of this season makes almost no sense after all of the above. From the point of view of the Youth Sector, we were able to support the First Team with a consistent number of Primavera players and this is a primary objective that we have achieved.”

“The Youth Sector, and consequently the Primavera, work in the service of the First Team. The season was positive already in having managed to play, having obtained good results then represents something more.”

“The results are pleasing, of course, but in this respect period came to the background. Being in the top four with the under-19 and under-18 teams is important, but even more is having allowed all the boys to train safely.”

Samaden did not single out any Primavera players, but was complimentary towards the entire squad:

“We need to draw lessons from this situation, being together allows us to have no limits. Many young people have also stood out by playing beyond their age levels and we are happy about this.”

“The Primavera went beyond all expectations, finishing in the top two positions and qualifying directly for the semifinals.”

“The under-18s also made great strides, the goal now is to close the season in the best possible way by playing the remaining matches in peace.

“I am very happy, strength emerges in the difficulties of circumstances: from this point of view our Youth Sector has no reason to envy anyone.”