The popular share ownership initiative InterSpac are aiming to buy around 30-40% of shares at Inter, as the project gets officially underway.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Libero, who report that the project currently have the 30-40% figure as their intend, and believe that they can raise sufficient capital to achieve it.

At present, buying this amount of shares would require somewhere around €300 million, with the club currently valued at around €750 million according to estimates by Forbes.

Apart from initial partners and VIPs in the InterSpac project contributing to the buying of shares, it is also reported that interest in participating is high from outsiders.

Libero report that one entrepreneur, for example, has considered pledging €200,000 as the project’s architects aim to raise capital from supporters and begin the process of buying shares.

The ambitious project aims to transition the Nerazzurri’s ownership model to one similar to that of Bundesliga clubs such as Bayern Munich, with fans controlling significant shares.