Italian journalist Matteo Marani has given his thoughts on the InterSpac initiative to bring a popular shareholding model to the Nerazzurri ownership.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, Marani explained that he is skeptical of the feasibility of a transition towards a fan ownership model for an Italian club such as Inter, arguing that it is not something with an historical precedent in the country.

InterSpac is a project brought forward by economist and Inter fan Carlo Cottarelli among others, and it aims to bring shares of the Nerazzurri into the hands of fans rather than under the control of a single owner.

However, Marani questions whether the aims of such a project could ever be successful.

To him, a club such as Inter is too large and complex to be run in the way that the InterSpac concept proposes, and requires more direct leadership from a single figure to function.

Marani stated of popular share ownership at Inter:

“I see it as very difficult, and not practical, so much so that there are no historical precedents for it. We are not German football where the ownership is widespread. Here there is a different business principle, there is an owner who supports the club financially.”

He continued: “It’s an interesting idea, I don’t want to reject it but I’m skeptical because of the experience and history of Italian football, especially a big club like Inter, who are unwieldy and expensive.

“Maybe as support for the owners who lead, but leading the club is different.”