Ex-Inter and AC Milan player Fulvio Collovati has expressed his views on Hakan Calhanoglu’s decision to leave AC Milan for Inter where a bigger paycheque was waiting, according to a report in the Italian media.

In an interview with FCinter1908.it, Fulvio Collovati criticised the Turkish midfielder for making a move that he feels is money-driven, adding that he wouldn’t have made the move for an extra €1 million a year.

“It did not surprise me that much because with We must expect these moonshines. I honestly would not have left Milan for a million euros.”

Fulvio Collovati moved from AC Milan, where he made 158 appearances, to Inter, where he made 109 appearances, in 1982. He spent the rest of his career at Udinese, AS Roma, and Genoa.

He praised AC Milan for the stance they have taken of not bowing down to the players financial demands and letting him go. Fulvio Collovati believes that you should not give inflated wages to players who are not absolutely pivotal to your success. That is exactly what the Rossoneri have done.

“The Rossoneri have chosen a line that I agree with, because it is time to end it with certain demands. We are not talking about a champion, you give them certain figures to a player who changes your team.”