The new fan-ownership movement InterSpac are aiming to acquire around 40% of Inter’s shares to move to a new way of running the club, according to a report in the Italian media today.

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset, the group which is owned by Inter fan and economist Carlo Cottarelli is looking to acquire between 30 and 40% of Inter’s shares. This would make the fans who purchase shares part-owners of the football club, letting them have a say in important matters such as a new stadium.

A survey carried out among fans yesterday received a very positive response, which has only served to help the movement gain momentum. They want to raise about €300 million to make the purchase.

Current owners of the group, Suning, are aware of the situation and have given it the green light. They do not intend to stand in InterSpac’s way. Other Italian clubs could soon follow suit.