A high-profile member of the InterSpac movement has explained how even with a small percentage of the club’s shares in their possession, the fans will still wield significant power, according to a report in the Italian media.

Speaking during an interview with L’Interista about the project, president of the Linkiesta Club Sergio Scalpelli expressed how even if the InterSpac movement were to fall short of it’s intended 40% acquisition of Inter shares, they would still be a force that the club owners cannot ignore.

The InterSpac movement is aiming to raise enough funds and interest to acquire 40% of Inter’s shares, taking the club closer towards a German ownership model where fans have the final say on any major developments.

Sergio Scalpelli makes it clear that even if the Inter fans do not have the same amount of power as German fans do, the Inter owners still can’t ignore a movement that has 20% of the shares.

“If it came to cover even only 20-30% of the value of the company, supported by an enormous mass of people, it is quite clear that they could not be made some operations against that 20-30%. You have to involve him and make him feel part of the basic strategic decisions.”