Belgium manager Roberto Martinez has revealed what it was like to see Christian Eriksen collapse on the pitch when his team were preparing for their tournament opener against Russia, according to a broadcast report.

Whilst doing an interview with ESPN, the ex-Everton manager expressed how difficult it was to see the scenes in Copenhagen on television and then send his team out to play their first game of EURO 2020.

“There was a moment of our meeting when Christian broke down. Everyone was shaken. The last thing we wanted to do was talk about football and how to win a game. It was so difficult.”

Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch during his countries opening EURO 2020 game against Finland in Copenhagen. He was given immediate medical attention on the pitch, including CPR. After a few days in the hospital, he went home to his villa in Odense to recover with his wife and children. It is not yet clear what sort of recovery he will make in a footballing sense.

Belgium managed to win that game against Russia 3-0, with two goals from Inter striker Romelu Lukaku.