Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has spoken about the imminent departure of Achraf Hakimi, confirming that the Morocca’s sale to PSG should be completedvery soon.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia moments ago the Inter executive gave his thoughts about the official opening of the transfer market in Italy, and gave updates on important transfer business at the Giuseppe Meazza.

Most pressing among the questions was the status of Achraf Hakimi’s sale to Paris Saint-Germain, with Marotta confirming that the clubs are working on the final details of the deal today and it will be complete soon.

Marotta also talked about the status of striker Lautaro Martinez at the Nerazzurri, with the chief explaining that the club are hoping to agree on a contract renewal with the Argentine, whose deal expires in 2023 at the moment, and that discussions are underway to that end.

More generally, the CEO gave insight into the transfer strategy underlying the Nerazzurri’s decisions in this summer’s transfer market.

Here are his words:

“I would like to make the introduction as president of ADiSe [the Italian Sporting Directors’ association].

“The opening moment of the transfer market is always historic, and it is not known how the transfer market will play out.

There will certainly be no expensive signings or major transfers, so there will be great room for the creativity of the sporting directors.”

The first question posed to Marotta was about Hakimi, and he was straightforward in his answer:

“We are in the home stretch, there are just some formalities to attend to. [Inter Sporting Director] Piero Ausilio has worked hard on this operation.

“In a day’s time, a painful transfer may be concluded for us, but for now I have to interpret the guidelines of the owners in a difficult moment for us and football in general.”

Next he was asked about whether Hakimi’s exit means that no other major outgoings can be expected from the Nerazzurri, and had this to say:

“The market is not open yet, it hasn’t started. I would say that selling a player for purely economic reasons is, I think, very rare in the current market, this is an aspect which should be noted.”

“The organization tends to confirm its players unless they express their willingness to leave, and at that point we will talk about it.

“When Hakimi’s departure is official, we will have some oxygen that we will certainly need. But we would really like not to sell other players and keep the staff which has given us so much satisfaction.”

Asked whether the club had discussed the renewal of Lautaro Martinez with the player’s agent Alejandro Camano, this was Marotta’s response:

“Inter have sporting objectives to achieve, beyond just business or economic sustainability. With some players like Lautaro, we have started small approaches linked to the renewal of the contract, as they are young people on whom the club is relying on for the future.”

“It is not an easy undertaking given the present difficulties in the world, but we must defend the historical heritage of a club that is made up of a honours and successes.”

Marotta was asked about the difficulties posed in contract negotiations where players’ contracts are set to run out:

“It depends on the point of view. Once it could be an advantage, today it risks being a disadvantage. The reference model must change, labour costs have reached unsustainable levels.

“A concept of continuity and sustainability must be placed before sporting models.”

The CEO declined to give a direct answer when asked whether he prefers that the club sign Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin or Davide Zappacosta from Chelsea, having this to say instead:

“We work as a team, the thing that must push us to act calmly is the fact that there will be no large outlays. It will take calm and imagination to seize the opportunities that the market will offer.

“There will be no great deals for us from the big clubs.”

He was also asked about whether he thought that the recent news of a takeover by AliBaba of Inter owners Suning would effect his work with the Nerazzurri, but for him it is not a matter of concern:

“I do not wish to go into matters concerning ownership. Football suffers from the difficulties of corporate management within the wider world.”

He opined that “A new model must be created: there will be no more pharaonic operations, we have to work with competence, creativity, and focus on the youth sector.”

Marotta was asked if he has heard from midfielder Chrstian Eriksen since the 29-year-old’s heart attack:

“Not directly, with respect to his privacy, but the doctors are in touch. We want to see the recovery of Eriksen the man as well as the footballer.

“The intervention on the pitch was decisive, and this was the most important thing. We want him to recover his health.”

Next he was asked about his feelings on Nerazzurri players currently on international duty at EURO 2020, offering this:

“For an executive it is a matter of pride to see my players play such important tournaments. On Friday there will be the Italy-Belgium match, with three players representing us.

“Who do I support? Let’s say I hope Italy wins. But I feel proud regardless.”

About the involvement of new Inter manager Simone Inzaghi in transfer decisions:

“We must coordinate the operations as a group. I hope that Inzaghi will be Conte’s heir in terms of results and professionalism.

“There is a daily discussion with him, and with Piero Ausilio. But in these first weeks he has shown a great sense of belonging.”

Marotta closed by talking about the Nerazzurri’s ambitions for next season, asked about whether they hope to win trophies:

“This is an historical club, we must keep the club’s banner high. It is taken for granted that we are in a moment of economic difficulty

“However, when the money does not arrive, competence, creativity must be shown, together with other qualities that are needed if you want a winning team.”