A wide range of Chinese businesses are lying in wait ready to save the Suning Group should their financial difficulties continue to worsen, according to a report in the American media.

As has been reported by American financial media outlet Bloomberg, multiple companies are ready and happy to help the Suning group keep control of Inter and there other business commitments.

Suning Group have just had to ask for the repayment of a $656 million bond to be postponed, a request which has been granted. The coronavirus pandemic has clearly had a big effect on the family as shown by their need to raise money from transfer funds and cut the wage bill at Inter.

The companies ready to help out include Alibaba, Haier, Xiaomi, Midea, Tcl Technology and Yuyue. These companies all sell their products through Suning’s range of shopping centre’s in China, so it is in their best interest to help keep the family afloat.