The financial difficulties that were sparked by the coronavirus pandemic are continuing to cause problems for the Suning Group, according to a report in the Italian print media today.

As has been reported by Tuttosport, the Suning Group are facing pressure from within China after they requested to postpone the repayment of a bond that was due three days ago.

It is believed that Inter’s owners owe the Shenzhen Stock Exchange $656 million and the repayment was due three days ago. Suning have asked for the repayment to be postponed. The request appears to have been accepted though, meaning they have another two years to repay the money.

These financial difficulties have directly impacted the team, as the club has to end the transfer market with a profit of at least €70 million. This has led to the sale of Achraf Hakimi and more sales are likely to occur very soon.

The wage ball also needs reducing by 15%.