Inter could struggle to sell the likes of Andrea Pinamonti and Andrei Radu this summer due to the players’ high wages.

This according to Italian news outlet, who report that both players are attracting interest, but that finding a club able to pay their wages could prove difficult.

In the case of Radu, the Romanian can earn as much as €2 million net per season, and amount which the club would like to get off of their balance sheet, with the player never having nailed down a starting role.

However, it remains to be see whether any interested club will be able to pay the 24-year-old goalkeeper’s wages, with the amount thought to be part of the reason why Spanish side Real Sociedad moved on from Radu.

Meanwhile, 22-year-old striker Andrea Pinamonti has no shortage of admirers for his quality, but the player earns a net of €2.2 million on his current deal, and it could prove different to find a buyer with the financial resources to continue compensating him to this amount.