Inter and AC Milan have made their proposal on a new stadium to replace the old San Siro clear, and are awaiting the response of the Milan City Council.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper, who claim that Milan met with the Council yesterday in the hopes of progressing talks on the new structure.

The Rossoneri delegation met with Milan mayor Giuseppe Sala, who has already also been in talks with Nerazzurri on numerous occasions, to go into details on the two Milan clubs’ plans for a new stadium.

The clubs emphasize that the news stadium will be accessible, safe, environmentally sustainable, and respectful to nearby citizens rather than a noise nuisance.

Beyond this, the clubs also hope to persuade the City Council to approve the project by making clear that it will provide social benefit beyond merely hosting the two derby rivals’ games – the proposed development will be of use year-round, and set up to host a number of sporting events.

Inter and Milan are hoping for a positive response in the coming weeks, which would allow them to begin construction on a new stadium which is planned to be able to accommodate more than sixty-thousand fans.