Tottenham and England captain Harry Kane has talked about the feeling of regret that he feels not to be playing against his friend Christian Eriksen in today’s EURO 2020 semi-final against Denmark.

Speaking in a pre-match press conference, as reported by L’Interista, the 27-year-old continued that he considers the Inter midfielder’s health to be the most important thing.

The Denmark captain’s collapse and health emergency during the Danes’ group stage opener against Finland resulted in an outpouring for the Nerazzurri man from all around football.

While the former Ajax and Tottenham player’s situation has been concerning to Denmark and Inter supporters, his impact on the world of football reaches further than that, and includes his relationship with his former Tottenham teammates such as Kane.

The England striker will not get to face off against his former teammate, with Denmark having impressed by qualifying for the semi-final stage without their captain, and England also having gotten to the semis.

Kane’s words:

“Chris and I are good friends, it will be sad not to have him on the pitch. He represents Denmark, he has always been very important to them in recent years. A terrible thing has happened to him and now the important thing is that he is recovering.”

“He will certainly support Denmark and not root for me, it goes without saying. We will show all our support, we have organized something to make it clear how close we are to him even here in England. It is really a pity that he cannot play this match with his team.”