Inter CEO Beppe Marotta has welcomed new manager Simone Inzaghi to the Nerazzurri, and talked about the future of the club going into next season.

Speaking in an official press conference during the unveiling of new coach Simone Inzaghi, as reported by FCInterNews, the Inter executive talked about how he expects the next season to go under the new manager.

The CEO acknowledged that there are presently major difficulties facing the club, but believes that things are on the right track, with the appointment of Inzaghi as the replacement for departed head coach Antonio Conte a particularly encouraging development.

He said the following:

“Welcome to this place that you know well, with this conference we are starting a difficult season. Today we present our new coach, which is a source of pride because it means that the project continues in the hands of one of the most successful coaches in Italian football recently.

“He is the right profile, he personifies competence and passion. We are in a difficult time, post-pandemic, characterized by suffering from the loss of people we knew.

“Consequently, today’s world of football is also looking for sustainability.

“We are far from the model of big spending familiar in this city, which showed that the owners have the fate of the club at heart.

“Today that is all impossible, we need to have a level of sustainability, and we are still looking for this model.

“Inter want to continue in their status as an historic club, to achieve our objectives while respecting the budget. My task, and that of [Sporting Director Piero] Ausilio, [Executive Alessandro] Antonello, and [Deputy Sporting Director Dario] Baccin is to set up a team that is as competitive as possible while maintaining financial equilibrium.”

“We are facing a distressing scenario that has potentially unpleasant ramifications, now the whole world of football is in difficulty.

“I acknowledge that, and I want to emphasize that the owners [Suning] have spent €700 million to give the club continuity. The hope is that the fans will return to San Siro because they are the heritage of every club.”

Continuing on from the last point, Marotta stressed the importance of the possible return of fans to the stadium for next season.

The Nerazzurri have suffered both financially, due to a loss of matchday revenues, and symbolically, with the players unable to enjoy the support of fans in person during games, due to the lack of fans in stadiums.

The Executive is hopeful that plans for gradual stadium reopening can be carried out, though he is aware of the difficulties associated with this task.

His words:

“In the meantime, I think that the League and the clubs will strive to have an ongoing relationship with the government representatives so that the opening is reached, and that the time has come to approve the plan.”

“We have millions of vaccinated, and paradoxically, reopening the stadiums could be an incentive for get the vaccine. A preferential route would be created for [vaccinated individuals] to enter the facilities.”

“There should be a reopening, I don’t know if partial or full, we should start gradually and this would already represent a great success.”

“Imagining playing without an audience is bleak. For example Inter Milan in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons, where we lost €100 million due to the closure of the stadiums.

“Consequently these weigh on the economy of our budget, which is already in difficulty like that of many other clubs.”